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Bold geometric printsvibrant tropical prints, and different textures create an eclectic set up that dreams are made of. Self designs can also be seen on curtains and throws. For those of you who prefer a more Indian, yet contemporary look, “Ikat is a beautiful Indian design I’m seeing on curtains and cushions”, says Saumya Aymuas who runs The Aymuas Project.

Interior Design

The Moustache Hostel takes its design cues from traditional Rajasthani crafts. The walls bear mirror-work, the reception desk resembles a roadside fruit cart, and sofas are upholstered with bright, block-printed textiles sold by the metre on Jaipur’s streets. After a long day in the city, unwind with a cup of chai on the hostel’s rooftop, which looks out at the stoic Nahargarh Fort.

Front Poarch.jpg

The OYO Life property in AECS Layout, Bengaluru, has bagged the second runner-up award for Commercial Interior (Built) at Rethinking The Future’s Architecture, Construction & Design Awards 2018.


New. It’s one of my favourite words. As a child and now as an adult, it gives me joy to try new things. That new pair of jeans, shoes, car, restaurant, places – you get the picture. Soon, I came to realise this quest for the new, more often than not, leads to discovering something unique. With these little nuggets of self-awareness, I started ‘The Aymuas Design Project’, where we design everything, not just interiors or furniture. The name is a reflection of what we do – experiment with all kinds of materials and styles to create something that’s one of a kind. And Aymuas is my adopted last name, which is one of a kind, too.


Homes offer a personality that one can fall in love with which makes for an experience like no other. What’s interesting is that this isn’t a new concept. Long before hotels came into existence, people were enjoying home vacays - be it visiting grandparents, distant relatives or friends. These were the most memorable ones - not only because of the people but because of the space.


Moustache in itself is a thought, a feeling and an experience. With travelers from round the globe, we are proudly one of the most caught on chain of hostels across the country.  Boasting of its prime locations, courteous hospitality and strong friendships, Moustache is definitely the best choice you will make if you traveling to India anytime soon.

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